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Advanced Obedience/Off-Leash Program

Prerequisites: Your dog must not have any severe behavior concerns such as leash reactivity, biting, severe anxiety, etc. If your dog does struggle with these concerns, please see our behavior rehab program - we can still get you to all your goals!

Can you trust your dog to make good choices? Even if they don't have a leash on?

Wouldn't it be nice if they would come back to you every time you call them? Without yelling their name over and over ...and over ...again or chasing them around the park.

How about not chasing small animals?


Or being able to check out at the cashier and not even thinking about your dog because they know exactly what to do?


Wouldn't you love it if your dog could go with you to your favorite brewery and be so well-behaved that you can actually relax and enjoy yourself while you're there?



With this program, we'll teach you and your dog valuable skills that will allow them to go almost anywhere with you.

The most important skill you'll get out of this program is trust. You'll be able to trust your dog around major distractions, and your dog will learn to trust you to advocate for them and their needs.

Your dog will learn how to reliably come to you when you call them, sit, lay down, place, stay put when needed, walk politely on a leash, and leave things alone. We'll also ensure you learn how to effectively communicate so there's no confusion. And we'll teach them how to do all this around the things they find most distracting.

This program is typically completed in 2 months or less and includes...

  • 6 private lessons so that you and your dog get the hands-on attention you deserve.

  • Field trip lessons so that you can rest easy knowing we'll help you practice where there are the most challenges.

  •  Phone, text, and email support for an entire year following lessons, which means if any questions pop up, we're only a phone call away.

  • Exclusive membership to a client's only Facebook group so that you can be a part of a community of like-minded people.

  • Access to Pack Walks for 6 months following lessons so that you can continue to practice with a group of like- minded people and their dogs.

  • Access to Group Classes for 3 months following lessons so that you can continue to strengthen your dog's skills around dogs, people, and other distractions. 

  • Equipment included so that you don't have to worry about a thing.

  • A refresher lesson you can use anytime in the future so that your dog's training doesn't fall through the cracks.