Behavior Modification


Right now, you might feel like you’re at a total loss. 

When you first got your dog you had hopes of peacefully living with your new best friend, but instead you’re constantly worrying about what will happen if something doesn’t change. 


Does your dog struggle with anxiety? 

Do they get nervous easily or feel uncomfortable in certain situations? 

Unable to calm down or sit still? 

Feel the need to express themselves a little too strongly around other people or dogs?

Destroy your house? 


Most importantly, if their current behavior continues, what will happen?


After completing this program, you will finally be able to stop holding your breath and relax because your dog will have the skills they need to be the companion you always wanted to share your home with, making your life much more peaceful and allowing you to truly enjoy having a dog. 


Here’s what we’ll do with this program: 

  • We’ll work on managing bad behaviors to prevent them from happening in the first place while teaching obedience to help form good habits to take their place. 

  • 6 Personalized Private lessons - These lessons ensure you get the  attention you need and may be done in your home or out in the real world depending on your unique goals

  • Phone, text and email support for an entire year following lessons. The means if you have any questions at all or run into any new issues, we’re only a text away! 

  • Nutritional Consult…  because we’re firm believers that if your dog doesn’t feel good, they can’t possibly be the best version of themselves. 

  • And a huge bonus!.... A polishing lesson you can use anytime after completing your program. That way in the future if you need a refresher or help with a new problem we’ll be right there to help.