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Dog Walker at the Park

Dog Walking Services

Our dogs are well-loved members of our family, and we don't leave our family members with just anyone.

Your dog deserves to be under the supervision of a professional who can make sure they have the best experience when out on walk. As professionals, we're trained to keep them safe, make sure they enjoy their time with us, and get the most out of their walk.

Casual Walk

During our Casual Walks, your dog will be able to use their nose to their hearts content. They'll be able to walk at their own pace and use their nose to read a dog's version of the daily news. These "sniff-aris" give your dog tons of mental stimulation, fulfill their natural instincts, and leaves them more tired than just a brisk physical workout.

30 minute walk = $35

1 hour walk = $55


*Prerequisites: Your dog must have basic leash manners and be able to walk past other dog's and people without incident.

Structured Walk

Could your dog's walking manners use some TLC? During our structured walks your dog will work with one of our professional trainers to begin learning the basics of a polite, loose-leash walk.


Not only will they get their daily exercise, but we'll get their brain working too, which leaves them much more tired, and satisfied, all while sharpening their skills.

30 minute walk = $45

1 hour = $65

*Due to high demand, walking services are limited to the Southwest Denver area including Littleton, Morrison, Ken Caryl, Roxborough Park, Centennial, and Highlands Ranch. 

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