We're excited to announce

Group Classes

beginning July 2022


We're very excited to announce that we're (finally) going to begin hosting group classes to help you strengthen your dog's skills around distractions. 


We'll be holding two different types of classes: Manners and Behavior. While these classes will be similar, our Behavior Group Class is designed more for dogs who are working on overcoming reactivity, over-excitement, or anxiety, whereas the Manners Class will be designed for more advanced obedience.  




All dogs must be current or past clients of Instinctual Canine, or be able to pass an evaluation so we know they have the foundations necessary to be successful. 

Each group class will have a charge of $20 per dog. 

Two of our new training programs which launch in July 2022 will have access to group classes included for up to 3 months following lessons. 

Manners Group Class 

Our Manners Group Class is designed to focus on strengthening your dog's obedience around other dogs, people and distractions. 

This class is a good fit for you if: 

  • Your dog gets a little excited to see other dogs and you're looking to sharpen their skills.

  • You're looking to improve your dog's ability to focus on you around distractions.

  • You want to be able to bring your dog out in public with you (like to breweries, sports games or farmers markets).


When:  Thursdays at 5pm  

Limit of 8 dogs per class

Behavior Group Class

Our Behavior Group Class is designed to focus on building neutrality, confidence and focus around other dogs and people. 

This class is a good fit for you if: 

  • Your dog is working to overcome reactivity. 

  • Your dog tends to be unsure of other dogs, or if they get incredibly excited around other dogs. 


When:  Sundays at 5pm  

Limit of 6 dogs per class