Individualized Private Lessons



Here at Instinctual Canine Dog Training we understand that life throws curveballs.


We’re only human, and sometimes we don’t have the time or finances to commit to a large investment right away. 


Or, maybe we only have one or two things that we just need a little help with. 


That’s why we now offer the option to purchase single lessons instead of a large package!


Single lessons generally range from 60-90 minutes.   How long we spend training for a lesson depends on a multitude of factors, (what we’re teaching, how young a puppy may be, our dog’s personality).... We could bore you with trainer jargon but essentially we strive to ensure your dog has a positive experience while training with us. If our dog gets bored, tired or frustrated while training, not only will they stop learning, but they won’t be very excited for next time. 



** Please speak with your trainer to ensure single lessons are the best option for you and your goals. While purchasing single lessons one at a time is less expensive in the short term, it may be more cost effective to purchase a program if your goals require multiple lessons.