Mild Manners


Your life right now isn’t exactly how you pictured it would be when you first got your dog. You imagined an easy, carefree, fun life with your new companion. But instead, life seems a little disheartening right now. 


Life’s not awful, but you wish there were fewer frustrations throughout the day. You want so badly to be able to enjoy your daily walks, but instead you secretly dread them. Being dragged down the street while going for a walk is the last thing you want to do at the end of a busy day, and because of this you don’t go on walks as much as you’d like. Maybe you feel a little guilty about this. 


Or, you’re uncomfortable having guests over because your dog is just so excited to see your friends and family that they can’t help but jump all over them with joy.  What if they knock grandma over? 


Maybe, you just want your dog to stop begging while you eat your dinner, sit nicely at the door before rushing out and lay calmly by your feet while you wind down for the night. 


This program is perfect for you if you need some help going back to the basics. 


Here are a few of the features you’ll get with our Mild Manners Program: 


  • 4 In-Home lessons - (This ensures your dog is training where they are most comfortable, making learning happen much faster. Plus, it saves you from having to drive around the city!) 

  • 3 months of phone, text and email support following lessons, which means if you have any questions we’re just a phone call away.