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Mild Manners Program



What do you picture when you think of a perfect life with your dog?


A dog who doesn’t jump all over your guests?


Being able to go for a walk without being dragged down the street?


Eating dinner without a puddle of drool on your leg?


How about being able to relax without constant chaos going on around you? 




What if I told you that you can live this life with your dog? Our Mild Manners program is designed to help you and your dog live life more harmoniously. 



With this program you’ll get: 

  • 4 In-Home lessons - (This ensures your dog is training where they are most comfortable, making learning happen much faster. Plus, it saves you from having to drive around the city!) 

  • 3 months of phone, text and email support following lessons, which means if you have any questions we’re just a phone call away.


Your trainer will work with you to give you a thorough understanding of management skills to help prevent those “bad” behaviors from being practiced and obedience skills to help them learn what they should be doing instead.


Behavior Modification Program


Does your dog seem to have selective hearing?


Are you…..



             Struggling to enjoy your dog’s company?

             Worried about what will happen if things don’t change?


If their current behavior continues, what will happen?


             Will you have to live in a chaotic home everyday for the rest of your dog’s life? 

             Will your family ever come back to visit?

             Will your dog get into something that can make them sick? 

             Will they pull you on an icy walk and cause a bad fall?



With this program you’ll finally be able to relax because your dog will learn the skills they need to be the companion you’ve always wanted to share your home with, making your life much more peaceful and allowing you to truly enjoy having a dog. 


The amazing features you’ll get with this program: 

  • 5 Private lessons in your home - These lessons ensure you get the personalized attention you need to be successful while also saving you time by preventing you from driving to and from lessons. 

  • Phone, text and email support for an entire year following lessons. This means if you have any questions at all or run into any new issues, we’re only a text away! 

  • And a huge bonus!.... A polishing lesson you can use anytime after completing your program. That way in the future if you need a refresher or help with a new problem we’ll be right there to help.

Set For Life Program

*While this program is perfect for anyone wanting the best support 
and most reliable behaviors, this program is also perfect for dogs  struggling with separation anxiety due to the incredible lifetime support. 


Imagine your dog coming right to you when you call them…. Every time.  Yep. no more chasing them around the park. 


Imagine being able to enjoy every moment you spend with your dog. Relaxing at the end of the day, and having guests over without any stress or embarrassment. 


Imagine waking up to a peaceful home without any chaos, confusion or fighting over your dog's behavior. 


Imagine, instead of dreading taking your dog on a walk, you look forward to it. Your walks are easy, peaceful, and you no longer worry about crossing to the other side of the street to avoid people or other dogs.


Imagine being able to take your dog everywhere with you, including your favorite brewery patio where your dog calmly lays at your feet watching the world around them… and not trying to eat all the dropped food that falls under the table. 



With this program you and your dog really can live the life you always dreamed of. 


With this amazing program you’ll get: 


  • 6 Private lessons to ensure your dog is learning where they are most comfortable (which means they'll learn faster!)

  • Field Trip Lessons! We'll meet with you and your dog out in the real world to make sure you're confident practicing around the most difficult distractions. 

  • Lifetime support guarantee so you can rest easy knowing if you ever have any questions we're just a text away. You’ll have access to unlimited phone and email support for your dog’s lifetime. 

  • Equipment Included - In this program we go beyond the leash. We’ll teach you how to humanely use a high-quality remote collar to communicate with your dog at a distance in a way that they understand clearly and confidently. 

  • Bonus! -  A polishing lesson you can use anytime after completing your program. That way in the future if you need a refresher or help with a new problem we’ll be right there to help.

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